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Pharmacy Technician Career Program Highlights

Pharmacy Technician Careers in Healthcare Industry

Pharmacy services have expanded and grown at an accelerated rate. Pharmacy Technicians play a major role in pharmacy operations and in the overall healthcare work force.

As pharmacy services continue to grow, with new services being offered, new drugs entering the market, and as comprehensive drug information becomes a necessity, the need for highly-trained pharmacy technicians increases. Many of the traditional pharmacy functions, once performed by pharmacists, are now being performed by pharmacy technicians.

Today’s pharmacy technician has assumed a position which supports and enhances the progressive direction taken by pharmacy. The technician has also become the key person in assuring the smooth uninterrupted functioning of traditional pharmacy services. Pharmacy is a dynamic field requiring an ongoing learning process.

Graduates from this training program will become active participants in this growing field by exhibiting competence through knowledge and skills learned through the college.

We encourage and help our graduates prepare for the PTCB National examination as well.

Note: Pharmacy technicians are required to be licensed by the California State Board of Pharmacy prior to obtaining employment as a pharmacy technician in the State of California. The Pharmacy Technician program at CTC meets requirements as established by the California State Board of Pharmacy. Upon successful completion of the program, students will be able to apply to the California Board of Pharmacy to become Licensed Pharmacy Technicians.

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Classes are starting January 11th 2016. Please fill out the contact form and indicate date and time convenient for you to come in for a personal interview. You may call us at 408.380.0600 to request more information.

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